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S&S Hospitality crafts and hosts Hong Kong’s most romantic, thematic and stylised weddings catering to a growing range of cross-cultural tastes and preferences.

When You Say “I Do”… So Do We!

We know that serving Hong Kong’s most discerning weddings market takes more than a fabulous venue, world-class catering and award-winning service. It takes a subtle, yet distinct understanding of sensibilities, of anticipating what you want to achieve and turning that romantic dream wedding into the perfect starting point to a joyful life together.

Your wedding plans begin with one phone call to our Wedding Specialist. Our expertise and experience save you time and stress and bring you that peace of mind from knowing that your wedding day will be the most romantic chapter in your love story.

We offer the most spectacular venues, exceptional food and quality service with the elegance and sophistication you expect. Be it a grand soirée, themed wedding or an intimate gathering, our seasoned Wedding Specialist will craft the perfect wedding reception for you.

Our team of celebrated chefs design bespoke wedding menus tailored toward exceeding your expectations. We work with you to design every aspect of your precious celebration. From bespoke table decorations to elegant flower displays, from a lavish detailed wedding cake to classy entertainment, photographers etc.

At S&S Hospitality, we design emotions that last a lifetime. Let’s talk today – let us amaze you!

Spiga wedding

SPIGAThe Italian Wedding!

Couples looking for that vintage Italian charm with that modern feel are often smitten by what SPIGA has to offer in terms of design, menus, outdoor facilities and service.

Set in a dramatic 1950’s interior by renowned designer, Joyce Wang, SPIGA captures the romance and intrigue of vintage Italy – perfect if you’re looking for that movie-style, character-filled look sure to lend your wedding photographs with that enigmatic Italian look.

The enchanting terrace and vertical garden make you feel like you have meandered into the breathtaking countryside of Italy. With its natural lighting the terrace offers the picture-perfect set-up for an outdoor ceremony and/or a beautiful, relaxed cocktail reception.

Combined with signature wedding menus featuring celebrity Chef Enrico Bartolini’s Michelin-starred recipes and wines from some of Italy’s finest vineyards, SPIGA offers the “perfect match” for an unsurpassed wedding.

Alto wedding

ALTORomance in the Stars

Begin married life in the clouds with ALTO and its famed terrace rooftop. A favourite of couples loving that awe-inspiring view, this special venue has a distinct charm of its own.

Perched on the 31st floor of the stunning V Point Tower and its floor-to-ceiling windows, the restaurant is a wedding photographer’s heaven. Weddings hosted by ALTO boast the most beautiful photographs and guests are mesmerized by the views, the brilliance of the specially crafted menus and of course, the restaurant’s well-famed service attitude.

The restaurant, completed with its signature chandelier-like lights, boasts elegance and its luxurious interiors brought about by the harmony of the four elements of stone, wood, fire and water, delicately crafted into the design of the venue by Tom Dixon.

ALTO showcases the culinary skills of Head Chef Gareth Packham, who has created a menu featuring the finest dishes including exclusively sourced beef and highest quality ingredients from around the globe.

Weddings at ALTO ensure the most stunning moments to embrace the new chapter in the life of the bride and groom who have tied that romantic knot in the clouds, amidst the stars and closest to the source of life.

Make an ALTO wedding your choice!

Harbour side wedding

HARBOURSIDE GRILLA Picture-Perfect Wedding Backdrop

Everyone mesmerizes over Hong Kong’s skyline – a dream-worthy backdrop for that special wedding photograph.

Be it a romantic waterfront ceremony or an al fresco cocktail reception, the restaurant’s famous outdoor terrace adds that splash of vibrant colour to your romantic celebration making it a memorable one for the bride and groom and their guests.

The restaurant’s bespoke menu offers a wide choice of flexible options to suit every taste while our wine list ranks among the very best in Hong Kong. Our chefs and mixologists tailor-make each menu from a range of specialty dishes and wine to mix and match until you get the right sense of balance, taste, flavour and presentation worthy of your special guests.

Complete with fresh flowers, thematic lighting, live music or tunes from a DJ, your guests are in for an amazing celebration – a fitting tribute to your most romantic day.

At Harbourside Grill, we anticipate guests’ needs. Always at the ready to go that extra mile, we ensure perfect satisfaction from start to finish. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, that one chance for us to make it, to take it beyond perfection. It’s what we do best.

Let us unravel the possibilities. Call us today.

The Party After the Wedding

Having your wedding designed, planned and hosted by S&S Hospitality entitles you to avail of the company’s exquisite range of bars and lounges.

A wedding day is too special to end soon. So, after dinners and desserts are done, couples and their guests drop the etiquette, the rules, the formalities and put on their dancing shoes while heading to the most talked about celebratory bars and lounges in Hong Kong.

At S&S Hospitality, we have an exquisite collection of famous bars and themed lounges, each with a unique ambience and captivating decor.

Call us today to discover how S&S Hospitality can make your wedding dream come true.

After Party