Chloé Tea Set
May 11, 2024 | Stories

Chloé Tea Set

Located at the tip of the Ocean Terminal Extension Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui, Harbourside Grill offers breezy panoramic views for perfect leisurely afternoons by the sea. For Spring, the HarboursideGrill launches its very first tea set, inspired by the fragrance collection of Chloé Atelier des Fleurs.

The dainty morsels, meticulously adorned with fresh edible blossoms, comprise of the Oak-smoked Salmon with Verbena Blini, or the Ibérico Ham on Tomato Bruschetta, where guests can savor subtle woody, oaky notes inspired by Chêne. The dessert bites are wonderfully floral with notes from Rose, in the Profiterole filled with rose-scented mousse, topped with a rose-shaped strawberry, or citrusy with notes from Neroli echoed in Orange Blossom Tartlet with citrus curd. Other luxurious highlights from the set include Scallop Sashimi dressed with Pearl Lobster Oil, Yuzu and Basil Oil, or Boston Lobster served with beads of Royal Cristal Caviar, that elevates the traditional afternoon tea experience.

A duo of cocktail and mocktail creations using hibiscus complements the culinary voyage priced at $688 +10% (or $588 + 10% for guests opting for the set with coffee & tea only). The tart and subtly sweet flavor of the hibiscus is showcased in Dawn, a bright mocktail featuring fresh orange juice, ginger and sparkling water, and in the cocktail Marigold, it’s fused along fine grapefruit and botanicals notes.

From May 11th to Aug 31th, 2024, the limited-edition tea menu comes with an exclusive set of two Chloé Atelier des Fleurs perfume samplers.

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